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Absolute Crystal Star Crawler EarringsAbsolute Crystal Star Crawler Earrings
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Lima Pearl BeltLima Pearl Belt
Boutique Lima Pearl Belt
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Margot Elasticated Pearl BeltMargot Elasticated Pearl Belt
Boutique Margot Elasticated Pearl Belt
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Newbridge 'Amy Huberman' Star Earrings with Clear StonesNewbridge 'Amy Huberman' Star Earrings with Clear Stones
Absolute White Enamel Beaded NecklaceAbsolute White Enamel Beaded Necklace
Absolute Crystal & Opal Double Strand Necklace - Rose GoldAbsolute Crystal & Opal Double Strand Necklace - Rose Gold
Absolute White Enamel Beaded Earring
Newbridge Clear Stone Heart EarringsNewbridge Clear Stone Heart Earrings
Absolute Crystal Crawler EarringsAbsolute Crystal Crawler Earrings
Absolute Absolute Crystal Crawler Earrings
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Absolute Triple Strand Star NecklaceAbsolute Triple Strand Star Necklace
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Newbridge Rose Gold Plated Heart RingNewbridge Rose Gold Plated Heart Ring
Newbridge Rose Gold Plated Infinity Ring
Newbridge Silver plate Pendant with ElephantNewbridge Silver plate Pendant with Elephant
Absolute Bead Angel Wing BraceletAbsolute Bead Angel Wing Bracelet
Absolute Absolute Bead Angel Wing Bracelet
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Absolute Moon & Star Crystal DropsAbsolute Moon & Star Crystal Drops
Absolute Absolute Moon & Star Crystal Drops
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Newbridge Pendant with Elephant - GoldNewbridge Pendant with Elephant - Gold
Newbridge Flower Earrings Clear StonesNewbridge Flower Earrings Clear Stones
Tipperary Crystal Bar Ring - Rose GoldTipperary Crystal Bar Ring - Rose Gold
Newbridge Small Coin EarringsNewbridge Small Coin Earrings
Newbridge Newbridge Small Coin Earrings
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May Rainbow Coloured HoopsMay Rainbow Coloured Hoops
Boutique May Rainbow Coloured Hoops
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